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C in wonderland!

Random personal rambling. Go away!!

We share a special relationship, C and I.

It all began in the second year of Engineering, way back in the year 2000. We were this enthusiastic bunch of people who were gung-ho about the IEEE student organization in the college – more so, because it gave us an official reason to bunk classes. C and I were from different classes, and although we would meet and talk – I never imagined that she would fit anywhere in my scheme of friends. It was a typical acquaintance-friendship which you kind of assumed would eventually taper off after Engineering.

However, it wasn’t until the year 2002, when C and I were in this group of paper-presenters to BITS-PILANI that I really got to know her quite. The entire trip was one rollicking fun (I don’t remember laughing as much in this trip along with the trip I made to REC Warangal prior to this one till date). The comfort level with this entire group grew tremendously, along with understanding C with her quirks and habits. As I knew her back then, she was a bright girl, too lazy to study but very enthusiastic to learn – and that impression holds till date 😛 (yeah, probably make that tooo lazy for today!)

Then came CAT preparations – we were put up at one center to write the mocks. C, I along with one common friend used to chit-chat about everything under the sun, but CAT. The entire group of test takers in the room (other than us) used to look down on us (probably even smirk, and call us names) – but insensitive as we were (and are) to the world’s views, we happily ignored them and probably continued to chat even more vigorously.

Life did take us to different destinations for the next two years after Engineering – but we met again in Mumbai. This time, she was at IIT and I was put up in an apartment very close to IIT. This effectively entailed that we meet every other day – take a walk down the beautiful, winding IIT campus (I used to hate those walks, she used to love them), sit on a bench just beside the lake and talk philosophy (for eg., what is the purpose of life? etc (scary, no?)), eat out in almost all the restaurants in and around IIT, dinner at The Taj on whim (was my little dream to have dinner at Taj and she pushed it to reality) among many other million things. During this period, we got to know each other very well (most of the time, eye-contact was enough to guess what was on the other’s mind) – I thought I was absolutely crazy with some of my thought processes and hence very unique; I was totally surprised to find a crazier reflection of mine in her J

In the course of time – which was last year and on this date (January 24th), she got married to a handsome young man P. It’s been one year since – and this one year went in a blink, hopefully has been brilliant for both of you. I had this good fortune (actually, they had the good fortune to host me ;)) to camp at their place for dinner for almost 3 months (I know, I know – shameless; tell me something I don’t know!), where I got to know P much better – you guys make for a fantastic couple and I wish you a happy married life for many many years to come.

The dinner at Taj, birthday on Marine drive, sumptuous dinner many a time, being there for me when I most needed you and many more things in life – you’ve made things with this friendship I never thought were possible. For the risk of sounding childish, let me just say that there are only few ‘true’ best friends – and you just top the list!

C- I also want you to know that our lives will continue to change in the years to come, like it has these last few years. People will come in and go out of our lives, and we will continue to forgive, forget and move on, trying desperately to seek the happiness that we believe is ours. And though I hope not, there may even come a time when you and I may go on for years without as much a single thought about each other very deeply.

If that does happen, I hope all this comes back to us someday. Many, many years later, when we’re old and unwanted, staring into the starlit sky sitting on a bench across a lake –

I want you think of me then and
let your eyes swell up a little
and if your pride permits
maybe even shed a tear

for all the memories we have shared,
good, bad and the ugly
for you C
A Thousand times over!


Are You?

I wanna snatch you from the world
People around you – near and distant
And just zip into infinite eternity
Just You and Me; I am willing!
Are you?

I dream of you; loving you
Intensely, passionately and whole-heartedly
But you are just far away – physically and mentally
Just You and Me – so good to-gether; I am willing!
Are you?

I communicate to you – irrespective of the mode of communication
Communication which turned from regular to sporadic; Intensely intimate to the very trivial
I long for communication. I am willing!
Are you?

I am willing to let go off the past;
Turbulences, relationships and the rest
And I eagerly look forward with hope
I dare to hope. I am willing!
Are you?

We danced and sang to-gether
Now, the dance floor is empty
And so are the voices of the heart.
I am willing to dance, sing and LIVE
Are you?

P.S – The theme of the poem being ‘Melancholic Dare’! One musing out of the million musings I usually have on a train journey 🙂

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