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Waves of optimism and pessimism might make a man disbelieve in time-tested principles but no matter what happens, he would never waver from his prejudiced thought process – Benjamin Graham

Prejudice – The word itself leads me to two different conclusions: One that this is the right way of looking and interpreting things and two, it is a wrong way of looking at things. Various words have originated out of this one base word of Prejudice – Feminism, Sexism, Racism, Religious intolerance etc. How do we actually define prejudice? Is it some judgement we come to by means of an experience in the past? Then, why would we call Experience as our Best teacher! Is prejudice something learnt in childhood or do we get prejudiced every day? Is manipulation by gross commercialists and politicians by way of slogans and advertisements contributing to our way of looking at things?

What does the dictionary have to say about the word ‘prejudice’? Prejudice is defined as: An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. Simply stated, it is a preconceived judgement, in a negative fashion. Going by the definition, is it right for me to say that various religious views thrust upon me since chldhood which have held the test of time prejudiced me the way I look at the world? This particular word, usually used to accuse someone else – saying, so and so was prejudiced against me. By uttering that mere statement, aren’t you prejudicing your conclusion?

Lots of questions!! Further food for thought – People are prejudiced because they lack sufficient experience, is a common argument we hear. However my question is, how much experience do you need to satisfactorily say that his point of view is not prejudiced? If no amount of experience entitles a person to a point of view, then the word ‘objectivity’ loses its meaning and charm. Fallacious extensions of one’s own experiences will lead to a horribly colored view of the scenario. We had had innumerable number of such examples – Anti-Semitism, Nazism, Racism to name a few, which have led to destruction of human life.

Taking the discussion a bit further, I take pride in the fact that the decisions I make or the suggestions I give to others are entirely objective – based on proper analytical facts, weighing pros and cons. But isn’t the analysis itself flawed if the basis of my assumptions is itself prejudiced? Analytical that I am, I wanted to have an answer to this complex conundrum. The answer being – There is a continuum between decisions based on prejudice and decisions based on experience. Most of our decisions fall under this continuum – atleast that is what I think (prejudiced again?? ;))


Time and with it Confusion!!

People just don’t seem to have the time for anything nowadays. They don’t have time to spend with their family, friends, with their books, sleep nor work. One such case is an excuse of not finding enough time to BLOG. Wonder how? or rather why? Am amused that I don’t even have time to answer that question.

The question remains – what do I do with my time? I have no idea. Maybe fulfill some of my needs – talking to people, trying to work and thereby earn some money and worse still, idle around. It’s been kind of funny over the past month – tried to do many things in too short a time and ended up doing none. Or maybe I did, but not to my satisfaction!! Wonder why this question pops up time and again – Is time too short or is your need too insatiable??

I can already hear people reading this piece talk about managing your time well, how effectively would a planner work, books on managing time etc. Effectively what remains is whether you are spending your time in the way YOU want to or are you trying to fit in what people want YOU to do in the 24 hrs possible? Difficult question to answer – Needs and wants have to be satisfied through all the things people want YOU to do and We generally get under the false notion(or is it hope) that what they want US to do is what we actually want to do! Confusing – yeah, same here 🙂

There are moments where time just seems to fly by and you have enjoyed every moment of it. I want those moments to repeat – maybe many times over, just because of the fact that I did what I wanted to do. There are other times where time drags on forever – reason, people want me to do it and I have no choice about it. People talk about doing what their heart tells them to do, and listen to noone – they say. ‘You got to spend your time the way you want to all the time’ is a common comment. Nice to hear, I say – but how many of us have the choice? Everyone has their own constraints, own beliefs and own ways of dealing with the world. Even to do what we want to do, we need to know what we want to do! How many of us really know what we actually want to do or what we are really capable of? I am not, I have certainly thought about it but could not arrive at any concrete answer. I am certainly not living the way I want to all the time – for the simple reason that my time moves like a sinusoidal wave, sometimes fleeting and sometimes dragging like a snail. I am confused (and am sure you are too 🙂 ). Any Answers??


What’s wrong with expectation? Mankind survives on this sole word of ‘expectation’. We expect to be happy in the future (ignoring the present of course), we expect to earn a great deal of money, we expect to travel around the world and many many more. We not only expect something out of ourselves but expect something from others also. But most people forget that some others are also expecting something from them and I feel here is the weakest link for relationships.

Say, you(A) are close to someone(B) and you expect something out of them. But, they dont meet your expectation not once but many times over a period of time. Then, you lower your expectation and still ‘B’ doesnt meet yours. This cycle would continue till you end up with little expectation from ‘B’. ‘B’ brags on and on with his/her own stories least bothered about what ‘A’ is feeling/thinking amd whats more, shrugs off whatever ‘A’ is saying. At this particular point of time, you(A) really feel that the relationship is not worth the time, effort and resources. Then there are other people in your life who go great lengths at making you happy, make you feel that you have been with them for years and yet you don’t give the required credit. They are excited about meeting you, talking to you or for that matter, just spend some time with you and yet we tend to ignore.
The problem seems to be not with ‘B’ fundamentally, but with ‘A’. ‘A’ has simply not allocated the right kind of effort towards the right kind of people.’B’is some other person who is interested in something else than ‘A’ seems to think…a classic case of misunderstanding the extent and depth of a relationship. Well, to say the least, when ‘A’ is not clear of his priorities, his relationships…does he really have the right to expect something out of somebody? Can’t he just take a step back and look at the various relationships he has and allocate the right(let me say, optimum) effort to the right kind of people? Is ‘A’ looking only at part of the conversation and not the total (or the essence of) communication between him/herself and ‘B’ and jumping to some kind of conclusion about expectations and the outcomes or is it something else?

Haven’t we all gone through this? We can place ourselves at places ‘A’ as well as ‘B’ because they are literally two sides of same coin. Can we just take a step back and look at everything else afresh again??

Confusion at the point of Fusion

Long Long ago, So Long Ago, I updated my blog and now after a very long time, I am writing again. Sorry folks!! I myself am confused thoroughly that I didnt know what to write.

So, whats the confusion? I got a Day Zero placement in HDFC bank. However, after some ponderation, I realised that I might not fit the Banking sector after all. Why? How? Thats a long story which I wouldnt like to elaborate.

So what next? I do not know. Something is on the cards, will let u guys know once I confirm it.

I think this is one of the most unstructured write-up I have ever written, but that explains what is going on in my mind right now.

Anybody has any CEO openings, dont forget to contact me…I am available.

Where am I and What am I doing?

Or is it We?? I think this is one thought that troubles most of us. Where am I, What am I doing and do I really love what I am doing?? I think these are the questions to which every MBA or a post-graduate student would like to have an answer to.

I came in here to a reputed B-school hoping to find my unique purpose in life – unique as we all are, or so I thought. Let me generalize the tone of speech and shift to We. Once in I don’t think most of us have managed to resist the charm of being one among the crowd, being accepted by one and all. Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden all our dreams, all our aspirations seem the same – different as we all claim to be? And what is more amazing is how predictable a life we’re all set to lead – busy, cash rich, with no time to spare for anything but work.

We’ve turned into disinterested youngsters who treat the classroom as though it were personal rooms. We treat the professors as though we’re doing them a favor by listening to them. We treat attendance as the be all and end all of existence. Lectures hold as much meaning for us as an advertisement that we zap through disinterestedly. Better still; lectures are where we catch up on our sleep – the busy all important souls that we are, its impossible to catch sleep back in our rooms. And of course the great communicators and thought-leaders that we all are, we never miss a chance to criticize a lecturer for his flow of thoughts or the matter/manner which he speaks.

What is really sad is that not all of us were like this when we walked in here. But to be accepted as one of the crowd it is important to blend in – to do what the majority does. The few of us who do want to stand by what we believe in end up being ridiculed by the rest. After all being conscientious is so uncool! And staying awake in class – you have got to be kidding! What kind of loser are you if you stay up through class – and god help you if your reason happens to be sheer respect for the elderly individual who is teaching you (Talk about Moral dilemmas!!).

And what have we learnt by making lots of presentations, project, assignments?? How to put in header and footer, insert bullet points, make a colorful power-point presentation and never mention the help that Prof. Google does for you. Google is compared to God for copying and pasting information, Microsoft an Angel to make presentations and talk about real Stuff – u got to be joking, who is going to listen to us anyway.

So how do I evaluate myself and move from this situation to a much better one which I love. I am looking for some serious answers. I just hope I would answer them before I finish my MBA….Think!!

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