Some interesting links…

The time of the year probably has come to do a ‘Best of the ‘ series. I will probably do it in the next week or two. Meanwhile, enjoy these links. Pretty busy on the work front, will try to put up a meaningful blog shortly this week.

1) To all those wanting-to-be, waiting-to-be reporters, here is your ideal. The sheer perseverance is commendable and the dialogue delivery succinct and crystal clear.

2) Seemingly, and I seriously didn’t know this – India is waging a war against a peace-loving nation like Pakistan. Such lines, and more such WTFs in this video. This video will easily make it to the ‘Best of the ‘ series.

3) Totally, totally NSFW (not safe for work). But insanely funny about atheism.

4) Again, NSFW, but this one too, bhery bhery funny. In fact, the xkcd guys should be awarded a Nobel prize in creativity. Almost all of their webcomics are brilliant.


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