Couples working in the same company!

Heaven and Hell; Life and Near-death; Tolerable and Intolerable; Intelligence and Dumbness; Bearable and Unbearable;

The question for the day is ‘What is common among all these pairs of terms, other than opposites?’

My answer would be ‘Morons who got their better halves into the same company, or even worse, same project as theirs – did they actually think it would turn out to be the positive opposite? Really? What were they thinking?’

For the sake of simplicity, I use the male pronoun herein. The following is equally applicable to the female pronoun too [If only defeating sexism were as simple as throwing in an occasional he/she, her or hers. Kindly don’t look for sexism where none exists].

As has been the sad case over thousands of years now, people have been getting married. What is even more pathetic nowadays is that they are getting married to a person who is in the same profession! Even worse, same company and the most blinding wonder of wonders, same project. Seriously dude, what were you thinking? Has your IQ turned negative? Or, are you on a mission to reach unsurpassed stupidity? What exactly is your problem that you committed such a colossal blunder?

From an Indian perspective (and is equally applicable to almost all nations), the boom in IT industry has created major behemoths who employ close to a million people. This in turn has affected the marriage market in unimaginable proportions. Apart from creating various love-bird colonies in almost every campus, this IT boom has affected the arranged marriage market in a profound manner. A sample conversation between three parents –

Parent1: My daughter did her B.Com. She is now working in a call center

Parent2: Oh! B.Com aa…My son did his Engineering. Now he is in software. We are looking for a software girl who can understand his work too.

(software girl…wtf?!)

Parent3: True, just like platform-language compatibility, the kids should also be compatible in their own sectors…like software…hahahahh!

Parent1: Yes, yes…I am sending my daughter to computer coaching. She will also join a software company very soon…nowadays who wants to work in retail shop or manufacturing plant I say!

That being the case of parents, most of the marriages are happening between IT professionals. As far as I am concerned, since the majority market (and I use the term ‘market’ in the truest sense, no insult here!) is in IT now, I don’t see an issue why the couples shouldn’t be in the same profession. But imagine the conversations at home:

Guy: So, can we go to Gopal’s function now?

Girl: Ahh, I think I can’t make it…I have a problem with this Oracle database…can you help me out here?

Guy: Oh sure sweetheart! So, what exactly is the problem…is there a problem with the Extract process, the Transform process or the Load process!

Isn’t that sad to say the least?

What is even more depressing is if they are working for the same company. ‘Ahh, they go in the same car, they go-together, come to-gether – they save on petrol as well as they spend more time to-gether, how nice!’ and ‘Awww, chooo chweet, no?’ are statements we tend to hear. Firstly, No, it is not sweet…what’s more, the guy is probably going through the worst torture in his life. Don’t get me wrong here – I think a couple working in the same company is absolutely fantastic…as a concept. Practically, it would drive most guys insane.

When Einstein spoke about the infiniteness of human stupidity, I am sure he was referring to guys who have their spouses in the same project as theirs. Imagine a jail – same thing; in fact, even worse. Imagine a noose around you 24×7, office and home – like heaven and hell being one and the same. Absolutely no privacy, and every move being monitored, analyzed and feedback duly passed. The better thing to do here would be to choke themselves rather than get into this afflictment. As Shakespeare says in the Twelfth Night, ‘Observe these guys, for the love of mockery’. Actually, ‘whole-hearted sympathy; is the phrase to used for such people – I like their approach, but definitely would love to see their departure from my sight.

P.S: This blog’s topic was a random idea my supervisor had come up with. All credit to her 🙂


8 comments so far

  1. C. Apana on

    Hi new around town, just wanted to invite you come by my site to get a good laugh about being a team player.
    it’s http://www.drunkdreamer8.word read my lastes post “Onk, Onk, here piggy”

  2. Sudipta Chatterjee on

    Hahha… I so totally agree. Imagine moonlit beachside conversations like “Oh that client manager is a bitch” or “Yeah, maybe I should run the message queue through a filter first before I extract the relevant messages!”. And of course, if epiphany strikes at the wrong moment, then a neighbour might get to hear something like “yeah… yeah… oh the shell server password was pass$123… yeah!!” 😀

    Hahhaa… cool post! 🙂

  3. Procrastinx on

    Yeah. I competely agree. Imagine a guy saying in a meeting or in front of his colleauges , “Honey, tonite lets discuss the scheduler in bed”

  4. Smitha on

    well well, im not insulted:-) but let me warn you… being married to a woman who doesnt work in your company/team may not necessarily be easier;-)

  5. Kiran on

    @Apana – will definitely visit some time.

    @Sudipta – Thanks! Even worse, imagine the wife is the boss (yes, even at office) and heard sayin – mein tujhe appraisal mein dekh lungi 🙂

    @Procrastinx – Which scheduler are you talking about? (asking with an innocent face) 😉

    @Smitha – Comment=Not insulted (as per your definition). Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it may not necessarily be easier but it isn’t irritating or boring, is it? 🙂

  6. AJ on

    Fantastic blog man…like the qotes n the moronity concept…point is it is now pervasive… like a virus beyond control…i see a lot of near & dear ones falling prey to this one…

  7. jhesel on

    yes, i can relate to that. i cannot bear it anymore. it really affects our relationship. when we are working in one mind we are so good, but once disagreement arises… it is a WAR…

    i think, reality is, we cannot really avoid this situation, but we must have our own place of privacy… but husband and wife must not work in the same roof….

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