A Dream Valentine!

I thought and thought yesterday
About a poem I wanted to write
‘Sine Valentine’ I wanted to name it
Never far from my thoughts,
Was a smile of yours
Lost in your smile and thoughts
I fell asleep, like a little kid
Calm, Serene Sleep.

I met you today
Without much fanfare and gifts
For a morbid fear had swept me
I said ‘Thank god! I met you.
I dreamt of my worst fear
That I could wish my valentine
Only through Orkut’
‘I am your love forever, you idiot’, you replied!
I was all glee.

The lunch was the best part of today
For we could converse face-to-face
Rather than the movie, where
We had to face a screen, and not each other
Although I would admit holding hands
In a dark place was much more fun
What with the sardar shouting,
‘Oyi, let us have some fun’

We never met for long, did we?
But the day passed on brilliantly
The hug at the end said it all
Nothing could separate us, for
‘We are made for each other dear’ you replied!

The alarm rang
I sprung up, wondering what happened
Then, I realized I had dreamt
And my worst fear had come true.
‘What do you gain by remembering?’ they asked
‘Nothing to be gained from remembering,
hurting, why, not even dying!’ I replied.

I was determined to love you
like I had loved no one else.
How I never stopped loving you,
and how I always will.
Etc., etc., etc.,
Except that no one writes
a poem with etcetera in it.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks! Now, now, before you kill me for the terrible poetry – this is the day of love; so in your magnanimity, kindly excuse.
(For guys who have been stalking me on Gtalk, this might sound a bit trite) I have just made some money by selling stones to political parties who wanted to throw them at various Archies shops, shouting ‘THIS IS AGAINST OUR CULTURE’! This day is so much fun…yuhoooo!! 😀 Wish you all a fantastic dreamy valentine! 😉

Update: This news update has actually made my day – what with the prophecy of this article of mine beginning to turn true (Ah! So much for the joy of analysis 🙂 – although, as the days progress, the possibility of a counter-offer from Microsoft increases dramatically)


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