Importance of ‘The’ Moment!

It was a beautiful Saturday evening at the Marina beach in Chennai. It was the month of December, winter across India but only slightly warm in Chennai – a very pleasant weather for the Madrasis. Moonlight just about dancing away on the waves and the sweet smell of hot jalebis helped along by a gentle breeze made for a great evening on the beach.

Vijay had already reached the beach. He was in what was supposedly his best dress – a cream color T-shirt and blue jeans. He was pacing up and down the beach waiting for the arrival of his two friends. Today was going to be special.

Sandhya was frantically trying out different dresses at her home – a black top with a plunging neckline and faded blue jeans, a white top with a red skirt, light blue salwar kameez with slight embroidery along with different combinations of sandals. She had very little time left to get out of the house and go to the beach. She finally decided on the light blue salwaar kameez with brown sandals – wore them, winked at herself in the mirror for looking so pretty and rushed out of the house.

Anil was memorizing his lines since morning. He had waited for this day for long – a day where he was going to propose to the girl he loved for two years – albeit secretly. He repeated his lines over and over – in the bathroom, at breakfast, lunch and just about any freetime he could make up for. He did not want this special moment to go astray. He had bought a new shirt and jeans for this very special day – and in her favorite colors. He rushed out of home that evening, not wanting to be late. When his mother asked him as to where he was going, he replied ‘Meeting sandhya and vijay. And ma, expect a surprise visit today’! It was a surprise for his best friend too. He kickstarted his bike and rushed towards the beach.

It was a bad week for Selliah. His business of selling roses at the beach was drastically dwindling. He barely had money to spare a square meal a day for his family. Today, he couldn’t make any sale since morning – which meant that his family had to go hungry. That very thought sent shivers down his spine. He had beaten his wife after drinking alcohol the last night and was feeling terrible about it since morning. He never had to face such a financial crisis and his wife’s one look in the morning said it all. He was determined to make a sale – but as the evening wore on, the probability of making a sale was diminishing considerably and with it, his hopes too started sinking.

Harish had walked over 5km from his home thoroughly frustrated with his life. He had a very good job, excellent money and yet he was not happy. He had the money and iPhone but no close friends to call, he had the looks and eligibility – yet he was single. He had dated many girls, many of whom were interested in him but he was not. He was interested in a girl but didn’t know how to ask her out. Disturbed, he set out for a stroll but it turned out to be a long walk. He had reached the beach and decided he would spend some time peacefully counting the number of waves that hit the beach.

Sandhya hurriedly went to the spot they usually met up. Vijay was already there, pacing up and down the place with a chewing gum in his mouth. He seemed to be in deep thought, very unlike Vijay, Sandhya thought. Sandhya called out to Vijay ‘Hey dude! How are you doing?’ Vijay was pleasantly surprised to see Sandhya on time rather than being late as usual. He had thoughts of discussing something with Anil before Sandhya came up. That was not to be. He replied back ‘Hey hi! Did the Sun rise from the West today? You are bang on time’. Sandhya replied ‘Yup, I like surprises!’

Anil was racing through the traffic, turning his bike in geometrically impossible angles, riding his bike on the footpath if needed and checking out the shortest path possible to the beach. He wanted to desperately meet and discuss with Vijay before Sandhya showed up. He cursed all the way through the traffic as to how the IT sector had destroyed the sanctity and peacefulness of the good ol’ Madras. He finally reached the beach and parked his bike.

As the moon rose in its height, Selliah’s hopes sunk abysmally lower. How could he face his family if he couldn’t support them with atleast a square meal? What if tomorrow also goes like this? Should he change his profession? If yes, then to what? Why has Chennai gone so heartless? Has the city forsaken his family? With these thoughts in mind, he was passing by where Vijay and Sandhya were talking.

Harish was thoroughly displeased with himself. Having been to the beach, he expected the waves to calm him down. Somewhere deep down, he felt unappreciated, uncared for – and he also thought the world had gone to dogs. Noone cared for anyone anymore, Noone loved anyone – nothing was pure and everything was a farce. With these debilitating thoughts, he turned to his right where a guy and girl were talking and laughing.

Anil entered the beach and could see Vijay and Sandhya in the distance. He too was pleasantly surprised to see Sandhya arrive much before him. Chances of discussing the all-important thing with his best friend Vijay was now close to zero. He thought ‘Ah! What the heck? I’ll surprise him too’!

Waves were hurtling down to the shore. The gentle breeze and moonlit night were perfect for the occasion. Vijay grabbed the entire bunch of roses from Selliah’s hand, went down on one knee, looked directly into Sandhya’s eyes and said ‘It’s been two years since I wanted to tell you this. It’s been two long years of friendship – over hundreds of cups of coffee and ice-cream, two years of feelings stubbornly suppressed but today had to be it. I loved you for so long and today is the day I ask you, Will you marry me?’ Vijay was trembling terribly. His hands were all-wobbly holding the roses and now he understood why men went down on a knee (their legs would have been trembling too!) before proposing. He stared into Sandhya’s eyes and waited for an answer.

This moment froze.

Selliah thought – ‘Ah! God finally had mercy on me. Someone has indeed taken the roses and he will pay up too. What luck! This city has not forsaken me. The goddess has not abandoned me and my family. My family will have a hearty meal today. I will not have any further worry for a week now. The whole bunch of roses got sold in just one shot and without any effort – what luck and blessing! God, bless this guy who bought my roses for he saved a family from near disaster’.

Harish looked at the proposal. He smiled. He was just thinking of the devious world and how the world had lost ‘love’ and here – he saw the innocence of love. The rapidity and surprise with which the guy pulled off the proposal indeed deserved applause. Harish finally had an answer to all his questions, his fears and doubts. He also knew how he was going to ask the girl he liked out. This was the incident that had made him walk for 5km – and it was well worth it. Now, he was waiting with bated breath for the moment to unfold.

Anil spotted the proposal incident from afar – a distance from where neither Sandhya nor Vijay could make out his position in the moonlit darkness. He froze with shock for that moment. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing right in front of his eyes. He was pleading with himself to wake up from the dream – but that was not to be. His legs went weak, his mind numb and the gift he carried for Sandhya just rolled over into the water. He crashed onto the sand and sobbed.

Sandhya was shocked. She had not expected this proposal even in her wildest of dreams. Vijay was one of her best friends and that was how she thought he felt too. The evening was planned so well – Anil, Vijay and herself would meet at the beach, have icecreams standing in the water among the waves and then head to the nearest Saravana bhavan to hog some delicious idli-sambar. Post that, a movie and it would have been a weekend well spent. When she realized what Vijay had done – she didn’t know how to react. The sincerity in Vijay’s eyes told her that it was not a prank. How should she react? She couldn’t even spot Anil for help. ‘Where is this Anil when I desperately needed help? He must have been fooling around in some traffic with his bike stunts. What do I tell Vijay now? Immediate acceptance is out of question, while rejection would break Vijay’s heart. What do I do?’

She said – ‘Give me some time to think about this’ and left for Anil’s place, trying to reach Anil on his mobile phone immediately.

One moment – five different emotions. Who said Life was simple?

P.S –

1) Came across this blog – Letter to an Ex –

If I ever write a letter to my Ex(es), it would just be a copy, paste from this 😛 . Just brilliant writing!






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  1. Procrastinx on

    Ex(es) ??? … Hmmmm ……. Now thats intresting ….

  2. Nadia Dxb on

    Well its nice sharing, thanx for sharing with us!

  3. Salman on

    Nice one also chk this
    100000’s funniest pictures arround the world!

  4. Kiran on

    @Procrastinx – Actually, quite boring! 🙂 Trust me 😉

    @Salman – If you had known for my ‘passion for photography’ from my previous blogs, you would not have spammed such a comment 🙂

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