New Year – 2008 – The Year gone by and The Year coming up!

In all the hullabaloo of this entire ‘New Year’ eve’s thing of late night parties, drinking, dancing etc., I wanted to post a quick blog to mark the occasion – yes, you can raise a toast in my honour 😛 !!

I really wish I were as complex and my mind work in a hundred different ways to say this – 2007 has been a remarkable year for me – highs and lows, good times and bad times – it was one year where I had to struggle for my identity, my interests, myself – and I have grown mature and wiser going into 2008!!! I really wish I could say that – but then, I don’t want to look back at this blog and laugh at how stupid was this post 🙂

Well, to put it my way – very simply – 2007 has been a good year to me. Let me get done with the ‘lows’ part first. One of my best friends passed away in April, and someone very infinitely dear to me moved away around the same time. ‘Tough phase’?? – you bet it was! That said, the ‘highs’ have been quite a few – 2007 has been a year where I moved to my new company, bought quite a few assets, made a lot of great friends, visited and roamed around a couple of countries, learnt a lot in different fields and dammnn..turned 25 🙂 . All in all, a very productive year to say the least.

Going into 2008 – well, looking forward to it with lots of excitement, hope – of different things to happen, meeting different people, probably another continent or two and obviously lots of fun – the same old bland stuff that I had promised myself last year and probably the year before 🙂 . I am reminded of my favorite school teacher here and let me quote her – ‘Good, Better, Best – Never let it rest. Till the good becomes better and better the best’ – I would be happy if I would not have inverted this quote at the end of 2008 🙂 .

P.S –

a) Movies – Best movies of 2007

1. Taare Zameen Par 2. Johnny Gaddar 3. Chak De 4. Guru 5. Manorama Six Feet Under 6. Dharm

Kindly do not miss these movies. Each one has a charm of its own. And yes, each one is brilliant.

b) Have been selected as a Desicritic at ‘Christmas in Florida’ travelogue has been published on this premier Indian blogging site. So hopefully, it should motivate me to blog better, if not more frequently.

c) It’s been 8 years since my Engineering – and I still can’t believe time flies so fast. One year back, one of my Engineering friends said -‘ some years later, you wouldn’t even realise because Time would heal you of all those memories’. To him, my only answer is (and yeah, I made this up on my recent trip to Florida 🙂 )

They said, ‘Time would heal everything’;

They lied!

d) Where are the New Years’ Eves I say? I don’t see any around. (if you get the pun, kindly excuse the PJ 😉 )

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


3 comments so far

  1. Procrastinx on

    Wow. The desicritics news was the best part. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kiran on

    @Procrastinx – Thank you very much!

  3. […] I can define it as the Year of Accumulation. Personally, this year was not as wild and crazy as 2007. This was a year where I consciously put my head down and worked on little things, accumulated a […]

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