The Tryst with the Movie!


It was a boring Sunday afternoon. The weather was sticky, the entire neighborhood was in a festive mood and there was not a single TV channel worth watching. Guy1 was increasingly frustrated. Restless as he was, he just wanted to get out of the house and do something. He just browsed through the newspaper’s movie section and saw that Mughal-e-Azam was re-released with 100% color. He didn’t have a second thought. He had to watch the movie that day.

It was November 2004…and this fact has no consequence and relation with the events unfolding later in the evening1.

Guy1 trooped down to Guy2’s house. Guy2 was essentially the ‘Eminem, Hip-hop, Rock’ kind of guy – not exactly interested in historical epic movies. Lack of choice combined with the fiercest desire to watch the enhanced Mughal-e-Azam that particular day forced Guy1 to ask Guy2 whether he would accompany him to a movie. The conversation went something like this –

Guy1: Hey dude! Wassup for the evening!

Guy2: Nothing much…as usual…gappe maaro! You tell me.

Guy1: How about watching the enhanced Mughal-e-Azam that has hit the screens couple of days back?

Guy2 raises an eyebrow.

Guy2: Wasn’t that some old movie? In color now?

Guy1: Yes, it is! Actually….wanted to pull you in because of one reason…anyways..

Guy2: (suspicious) What reason? Anythin special?

Guy1: Naah, nothing much…some interesting and a rare scene I heard from the movie involving the heroine…

Guy2: What interesting and a rare scene? (now he seems interested )

Guy1: Nahiii…jaane de! Anyways…you don’t seem to be interested…let me enjoy the movie all by myself

Guy2: You can…but tell me what INTERESTING and RARE scene?

Guy1: Actually, one of my friends was telling me that the heroine goes topless in one of the scenes…and it is supposed to be one of the rarest scenes in thought you might be interested in it!!

Guy2: Really??? You must be bluffing.

Guy1: Ah well! I told you upfront…you don’t seem to be interested. Anyways, here name is Madhubala…you would have heard her name…one of the most beautiful actresses ever to act in Bollywood…ok then…let me leave…

Guy2: Wait, I am coming!

Guy1: Whattt?!!! Dude, changing your mind ever so often doesn’t help.

Guy2: What is bothering you? My mind, I will change. Chalo, let’s go. I am already excited.

Guy1: (with a morose face and a laughter belly) ok…chalo…and remember I didn’t force you…don’t accuse me in the middle of the movie to say it was boring etc.

Guy2: Nope, I won’t disturb you! I will intently wait for that scene you mentioned.

Guy1: Ahh!! You naughty boy! (winks) Ok then..let’s go.

And then they troop into the theater. Guy2 is surprised to see a long queue for such an old movie, but smugly smiles back to Guy1 – silently saying ‘Hehe! We know, They too seem to know’! Guy1 smiles back nodding his head (he hardly could stop laughing, albeit internally).

The movie is on – Guy1 and Guy2 are both engrossed – both for different reasons. Guy1 is appreciating the colorization, music and the dialogues. Guy2 is intently watching the screen, waiting for the scene to come. It doesn’t. It’s Interval Time.

Guy2: Where is the scene?

Guy1: How do I know? It’s a rare scene. Probably the director has parked it post-interval. Else he might find no audience in the theater after the Interval…(winks)

Guy2: Heheh! Yup, I agree. Who in their right minds would want to watch this movie for movie sake. What you said makes perfect sense.

The Second half begins. The story repeats. As the movie draws to a close, Guy2 increasingly becomes impatient. Impatience turns to frustration and probably anger too. He spent 100 bucks on a worthless movie – for one scene – ‘hopefully it’s in the climax’, he reassures himself.

As the credits roll up, Guy2 is furious with Guy1.

Guy2: Where is the damnn scene?

Guy1: How do I know dude? Maybe the director bowed to Censor board!

Guy2: Whatt!! What the hell!!

Guy1: Dude, wait for this news to spread. You will find noone in the theaters from tomorrow.

Guy2: I agree – I myself am gonna SMS all my friends about this cheater fact and the cheater director.

Guy1: Yes, do that!

Consoling themselves that they have been royally cheated, they proceed to the Coffee Day adjacent to the theater. Guy3 accidentally spots Guy1 and Guy2. Joins them at the table.

Guy3: Heyy guys! What’s up! How come here?

Guy2: Don’t ask man! Life sucks!

Guy3: What, What happened!

Guy1 slowly tries to move away from the table.

Guy2: We went to this crap movie called Mughal-e-Azam dude, the director…damnn him…he cheated us!

Guy3: Cheated? How?

Guy2: Don’t ask dude! There was supposed to be a topless scene of one of the most beautiful actresses in bollywood

Guy3: Topless?? What are you talking about? Where did you get this information? Are you crazy?

Guy2: Yeah dude! and – and this director just bowed to the Censor board!

Guy3: Who told you this stupid fact? There is no such thing like that – filmed in 1960…topless? Hollywood would be put to shame in those days for filming topless scenes.

Guy1 has moved to a comfortable distance away from the view of Guy2 and Guy3. He is clutching his stomach and laughing uproariously.

Guy2: Why…Guy1 told me today fact, he was the one who dragged me to this movie…Is it not Guy1?

Guy2 turns around to find Guy1 in fitting laughter. Guy3 understands the situation and starts laughing too – in fact, Guy1 and Guy3 give hi-fis before laughing even more raucously. Guy2 is red with anger, frustration and insult. He hurls the plastic pen stand on the table towards Guy1. Guy1 ducks. All three make up later over three lattes and two brownies.

Guy2 is currently working in a Bank, Guy3 in an Investment firm. Guy1 is Yours Truly 🙂 I only had good intentions to watch the movie. Sigh! Nowadays, good intentions cost you 200 bucks in Coffee day 🙂



3 comments so far

  1. harsha on

    what is the name of those guys??????

  2. Bhaskar on

    It was really good, forced me to remember the old college days.

  3. Kiran on

    @Bhaskar – Thank you so much! Good ol’ college days…ahh!! 😦

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