A Gtalk conversation!

A conversation went on like this in the Gtalk multiverse –

He: Hello madam! Kaise ho??!!

She: Am doing good! How are you!

He: Am doing good too!! An open question I just read somewhere – what do you think you are?

She: I am unique, I am an oxymoron!

He: Pretty ugly, eh?!

She: As always Evil!! Damnn..anyways..

He: 🙂 so, now to the boring question…what did ya do over the weekend?

She: My cousin T had come. Along with K, we went for shopping!

He: T? K? No names?

She: No, we just call them T and K!

He: Oh!! Alphabet it is then…so what do they call your 27th cousin? AA? 🙂

She: You know you are good at this stuff, don’t you?

He: Do I? Have no clue what stuff you are talking about! 😉

He: Aaj kal feminists ke baat bahut chal rahi hai na?

She: Ha! so..what’s the problem?

He: I am not able to understand what their problem actually is!

She: They say, You men!! How dare you call us weaker sex?

He: Any problem with that?

She: Why weak? Just look at Xena, The warrior princess or Carly Fiorina!

He: Yup! I agree…even look at Naomi Campbell…wonder why they call you the fairer sex too!

She: Tangency seems like your forte! You men…you are just dogs!!

He: I’ll take that as a bitch’s perspective and agree!

She: Evil again!

She: You want a hot girlfriend but a shy, homely girl as a wife!!!

He: The first one is definitely welcome anytime 🙂

She: You are shameless!

He: Let’s not talk about in-born characteristics. Aur ye ‘shy’ wife dandorra sunn chuka hu pehle. I don’t think that would make for an interesting pillow talk! 😉

She: Haha! Sometimes, honesty does charm women! 😉

He: What do you think I was tryin to do?

She: You are an absolutely incorrigible flirt!

He: Flirtin!??! I am only trying to interact on a positive basis.

She: ya, ya, ya!!

She: ‘Marriage is the last chance for anyone to grow up’ – What do you think of this quote?

He: I think, the very fact that you got married indicates that you have not grown up :).

She: Very silly!

He: C’mon, ur conscience chilla chilla kar kehraha hai ki mera stmt correct hai 😀

She: No, it is not!

He: I really cant help if you forcibly dabao ur conscience:)

She: ya, ya!!

He: Besides, who cares after your marriage whether you have grown up or not except for your poor hubby/wife anyways 🙂

She: haha…very true! But that is besides the point!!!

She: You know what, ‘disappointing’ is your middle name!

He: Oh! I thought you patented it!

She: That was quick…even if I patent, you are using it!

He: I followed in your steps!

She: Will you follow anyone and everyone like this?

He: I have always been a follower of pretty girls 😉

She: Uh! I have run out of synonyms for Incorrigible.

He: haha! Anyways…chalo then, let me catch up with ya later

She: yup, sure! Always fun talking to you

He: The pleasure is all mine lady!

It indeed has been a pleasure knowing you lady! Can’t believe that this whole conversation happened in what, 10 minutes!! :)! It definitely takes two to tango 😉 🙂


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