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New Year – 2008 – The Year gone by and The Year coming up!

In all the hullabaloo of this entire ‘New Year’ eve’s thing of late night parties, drinking, dancing etc., I wanted to post a quick blog to mark the occasion – yes, you can raise a toast in my honour 😛 !!

I really wish I were as complex and my mind work in a hundred different ways to say this – 2007 has been a remarkable year for me – highs and lows, good times and bad times – it was one year where I had to struggle for my identity, my interests, myself – and I have grown mature and wiser going into 2008!!! I really wish I could say that – but then, I don’t want to look back at this blog and laugh at how stupid was this post 🙂

Well, to put it my way – very simply – 2007 has been a good year to me. Let me get done with the ‘lows’ part first. One of my best friends passed away in April, and someone very infinitely dear to me moved away around the same time. ‘Tough phase’?? – you bet it was! That said, the ‘highs’ have been quite a few – 2007 has been a year where I moved to my new company, bought quite a few assets, made a lot of great friends, visited and roamed around a couple of countries, learnt a lot in different fields and dammnn..turned 25 🙂 . All in all, a very productive year to say the least.

Going into 2008 – well, looking forward to it with lots of excitement, hope – of different things to happen, meeting different people, probably another continent or two and obviously lots of fun – the same old bland stuff that I had promised myself last year and probably the year before 🙂 . I am reminded of my favorite school teacher here and let me quote her – ‘Good, Better, Best – Never let it rest. Till the good becomes better and better the best’ – I would be happy if I would not have inverted this quote at the end of 2008 🙂 .

P.S –

a) Movies – Best movies of 2007

1. Taare Zameen Par 2. Johnny Gaddar 3. Chak De 4. Guru 5. Manorama Six Feet Under 6. Dharm

Kindly do not miss these movies. Each one has a charm of its own. And yes, each one is brilliant.

b) Have been selected as a Desicritic at ‘Christmas in Florida’ travelogue has been published on this premier Indian blogging site. So hopefully, it should motivate me to blog better, if not more frequently.

c) It’s been 8 years since my Engineering – and I still can’t believe time flies so fast. One year back, one of my Engineering friends said -‘ some years later, you wouldn’t even realise because Time would heal you of all those memories’. To him, my only answer is (and yeah, I made this up on my recent trip to Florida 🙂 )

They said, ‘Time would heal everything’;

They lied!

d) Where are the New Years’ Eves I say? I don’t see any around. (if you get the pun, kindly excuse the PJ 😉 )

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


Christmas in Florida!


One of the best things to happen in life is to see the one of the best places on earth with the best of your friends.

It all started with a chance conversation between P and me. How about Orlando during holidays? Oh, yes…sure! Why don’t we cover Miami too? Why not? Oh, by the way, Key West (southernmost point of USA) is not too far. Of course, we should cover that too. And so it began – a journey of 4 friends across 900 miles which included loads of fun, hearty back-slapping and leg-pulling pooled with lots of adventure.

After 10s of conversations about the plan (we had to squeeze the entire plan of visiting 3 cities comprehensively in 4 days), flight tickets, accommodation, places to visit, things to do – we were still not done with our iterations even after we met at Orlando International Airport on 21st night. P flew in from Boston, S from Detroit, Sre from NJ and yours truly from Richmond. It was a holiday we had all looked forward to very eagerly for the past one month – and the excitement was visible in each of our faces. Tired from our respective journeys, yet the curiosity and anticipation of the next 4 days was palpable.

We had decided to drive from Orlando to Miami that night to beat the holiday traffic. It was one straight boring road and barring one incident (where we were almost hit by a vehicle speeding at 140mph) – the journey was rather uneventful, what with each of us catching up on stuff and general banter. But entering Miami overwhelmed us. A place of million dollar homes and billion dollar deals – it looked and felt exactly like that. We drove around the downtown which was beautiful and courtesy our GPS, instead of the hotel – we drove to the Airport gate. Thoroughly frustrated, we finally found our hotel only to find that the room had only 1 bed instead of two. We hardly had any sleep that day and early next morning, we started off for Key West.

The drive from Miami to Key West can only be described as awesome. For most part of the journey, the road is built on the ocean – which essentially meant that the ocean was on both sides of the road – which made for a breathtaking sight. Superlatives flowed from each one at this particular marvel – and many infinite photographs and banter later, we reached Key West only to find that accommodation was in a smoking room – and we were all non-smokers. Cursing our luck on accommodation was of no avail – so much for our thorough planning on accomodation 😦 .

Key West probably was the most interesting part of of journey. Key West is essentially theSunset southernmost point of the US – only 90 miles from Cuba. The houses, electricity (wires hanging around), compound walls, décor reflected a heavy Mexican culture rather than the influence of the US. There were short winding roads, people hanging out on the streets, road signs not clearly visible, very warm and affectionate people – coupled with the above facts reminded us of India. The Sunset Cruise on the peaceful Atlantic was brilliant (I digress, but most of the sunset cruises I have been on have been awesome – Mumbai, London and this one – each one will be cherished for a long time to come). You are just so much at peace with yourself, people around you and nature – forgetting about time, work and other pressures in life seems all too natural.

The next day, we did a couple of very interesting things – Snorkeling and Parasailing. Snorkeling is akin to the little brotherParasailing of Scuba diving. You get into the ocean, not very deep and without oxygen tanks around your back (which you do in scuba diving) but with a pipe in your mouth through which you breathe air. Key West is supposedly the third largest coral reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef and the one at Bali, Thailand. After the initial struggle with breathing with our mouths, the experience of seeing corals and fish of different variety, colors, shapes and sizes was exhilarating. The shapeless jelly fish (of which P should have a wonderful memory of – it caused a burning rash all over his right shoulder), the long bluish purple coral, three types of fish co-existing under the same coral, creatures of variegated colors – it was one of the few sights that can only be experienced and not explained. When we were back aboard the ship – each one of us felt – ‘anything after this is just plain bonus’ (Unfortunately, our cameras were not water-proof and hence no pictures on this one 😦 ). We did Parasailing too in the afternoon. A parachute fastened to a speed boat via a rope in summary is parasailing. Two-at-a-time, we were sent very very high in the sky. The sight from high above the sky, over probably the most violent ocean that exists on earth was just thrilling. (I digress again – but I and Sre high above in the sky agreed upon the fact that this was probably a very good way of proposing to a girl – with a high percentage of ‘Yes’ chances 🙂 Wanna try? 😉 )

We started off from Key West that afternoon to go to Orlando via Miami again. We reached Miami around eveningMiami Skyline time as each of us wanted to experience Miami downtown (whatever that meant anyways 🙂 ). But all we could manage was being overawed by the Miami skyline and the skyline’s reflection on the Atlantic ocean. This was also probably the first time for us where we parked our car right next to the beach. Each one of us had an enlightening photography lesson from one, Mr. Gary Mercer, who was very kind enough to teach us about the nuances of photography at night. Slightly wiser than before on digital photography, we started off for Orlando – which was supposed to be our final destination before we broke off to our respective places again.

Orlando for two days went off in a flash – a very very tiring flash at that. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure on Universalthe first day and Sea World on the second day was the scheduled routine. Each of the theme parks was very enjoyable to say the least. However, few of the things stand out in each of the theme parks. Terminator, MIB, Revenge of the Mummy in Universal Studios, Spiderman and Hulk ride in Islands of Adventure and Shamu the Whale show at Sea world are not to be missed. Food and Maps in each of these places are, let’s say – dismal on the optimistic side. Express pass is a must for Universal and Islands if anyone has to complete both of them in one day (and that probably was one of the wisest (or the only wise 😉 ) decisions takeSea Worldn during the trip). Again, a discovery – breakfast at Waffle house is brilliant (and no, waffle house is not paying me any advertising money for this – unfortunately 🙂 )

At the end of the journey, as each of us parted ways – there was lot of silence rather than talk which was the order of the day for the past 4 days. Promises of meeting very soon were in plenty, plans were being made but I guess everyone (atleast me) perceived a sense of disappointment of the fun ending too soon. I am already looking forward for the next trip with you guys – and as they say, journey and destinations are in plenty – the only scarcity being great company like you people 🙂 .


The Tryst with the Movie!


It was a boring Sunday afternoon. The weather was sticky, the entire neighborhood was in a festive mood and there was not a single TV channel worth watching. Guy1 was increasingly frustrated. Restless as he was, he just wanted to get out of the house and do something. He just browsed through the newspaper’s movie section and saw that Mughal-e-Azam was re-released with 100% color. He didn’t have a second thought. He had to watch the movie that day.

It was November 2004…and this fact has no consequence and relation with the events unfolding later in the evening1.

Guy1 trooped down to Guy2’s house. Guy2 was essentially the ‘Eminem, Hip-hop, Rock’ kind of guy – not exactly interested in historical epic movies. Lack of choice combined with the fiercest desire to watch the enhanced Mughal-e-Azam that particular day forced Guy1 to ask Guy2 whether he would accompany him to a movie. The conversation went something like this –

Guy1: Hey dude! Wassup for the evening!

Guy2: Nothing much…as usual…gappe maaro! You tell me.

Guy1: How about watching the enhanced Mughal-e-Azam that has hit the screens couple of days back?

Guy2 raises an eyebrow.

Guy2: Wasn’t that some old movie? In color now?

Guy1: Yes, it is! Actually….wanted to pull you in because of one reason…anyways..

Guy2: (suspicious) What reason? Anythin special?

Guy1: Naah, nothing much…some interesting and a rare scene I heard from the movie involving the heroine…

Guy2: What interesting and a rare scene? (now he seems interested )

Guy1: Nahiii…jaane de! Anyways…you don’t seem to be interested…let me enjoy the movie all by myself

Guy2: You can…but tell me what INTERESTING and RARE scene?

Guy1: Actually, one of my friends was telling me that the heroine goes topless in one of the scenes…and it is supposed to be one of the rarest scenes in thought you might be interested in it!!

Guy2: Really??? You must be bluffing.

Guy1: Ah well! I told you upfront…you don’t seem to be interested. Anyways, here name is Madhubala…you would have heard her name…one of the most beautiful actresses ever to act in Bollywood…ok then…let me leave…

Guy2: Wait, I am coming!

Guy1: Whattt?!!! Dude, changing your mind ever so often doesn’t help.

Guy2: What is bothering you? My mind, I will change. Chalo, let’s go. I am already excited.

Guy1: (with a morose face and a laughter belly) ok…chalo…and remember I didn’t force you…don’t accuse me in the middle of the movie to say it was boring etc.

Guy2: Nope, I won’t disturb you! I will intently wait for that scene you mentioned.

Guy1: Ahh!! You naughty boy! (winks) Ok then..let’s go.

And then they troop into the theater. Guy2 is surprised to see a long queue for such an old movie, but smugly smiles back to Guy1 – silently saying ‘Hehe! We know, They too seem to know’! Guy1 smiles back nodding his head (he hardly could stop laughing, albeit internally).

The movie is on – Guy1 and Guy2 are both engrossed – both for different reasons. Guy1 is appreciating the colorization, music and the dialogues. Guy2 is intently watching the screen, waiting for the scene to come. It doesn’t. It’s Interval Time.

Guy2: Where is the scene?

Guy1: How do I know? It’s a rare scene. Probably the director has parked it post-interval. Else he might find no audience in the theater after the Interval…(winks)

Guy2: Heheh! Yup, I agree. Who in their right minds would want to watch this movie for movie sake. What you said makes perfect sense.

The Second half begins. The story repeats. As the movie draws to a close, Guy2 increasingly becomes impatient. Impatience turns to frustration and probably anger too. He spent 100 bucks on a worthless movie – for one scene – ‘hopefully it’s in the climax’, he reassures himself.

As the credits roll up, Guy2 is furious with Guy1.

Guy2: Where is the damnn scene?

Guy1: How do I know dude? Maybe the director bowed to Censor board!

Guy2: Whatt!! What the hell!!

Guy1: Dude, wait for this news to spread. You will find noone in the theaters from tomorrow.

Guy2: I agree – I myself am gonna SMS all my friends about this cheater fact and the cheater director.

Guy1: Yes, do that!

Consoling themselves that they have been royally cheated, they proceed to the Coffee Day adjacent to the theater. Guy3 accidentally spots Guy1 and Guy2. Joins them at the table.

Guy3: Heyy guys! What’s up! How come here?

Guy2: Don’t ask man! Life sucks!

Guy3: What, What happened!

Guy1 slowly tries to move away from the table.

Guy2: We went to this crap movie called Mughal-e-Azam dude, the director…damnn him…he cheated us!

Guy3: Cheated? How?

Guy2: Don’t ask dude! There was supposed to be a topless scene of one of the most beautiful actresses in bollywood

Guy3: Topless?? What are you talking about? Where did you get this information? Are you crazy?

Guy2: Yeah dude! and – and this director just bowed to the Censor board!

Guy3: Who told you this stupid fact? There is no such thing like that – filmed in 1960…topless? Hollywood would be put to shame in those days for filming topless scenes.

Guy1 has moved to a comfortable distance away from the view of Guy2 and Guy3. He is clutching his stomach and laughing uproariously.

Guy2: Why…Guy1 told me today fact, he was the one who dragged me to this movie…Is it not Guy1?

Guy2 turns around to find Guy1 in fitting laughter. Guy3 understands the situation and starts laughing too – in fact, Guy1 and Guy3 give hi-fis before laughing even more raucously. Guy2 is red with anger, frustration and insult. He hurls the plastic pen stand on the table towards Guy1. Guy1 ducks. All three make up later over three lattes and two brownies.

Guy2 is currently working in a Bank, Guy3 in an Investment firm. Guy1 is Yours Truly 🙂 I only had good intentions to watch the movie. Sigh! Nowadays, good intentions cost you 200 bucks in Coffee day 🙂


The World of ‘Jargon’ia!

What can you bring to the table?

That sounded like a bolt from the blue for a greenhorn like me couple of years ago – which was when I first stepped into the corporate world. Especially, if this question is asked early in the morning, I almost replied ‘Why, How about Samosas and Tea’ – but refrained.

Just then, my boss popped into the meeting. He said ‘Kiran, just make sure you jot down all the points, keep me in the loop and let’s discuss about this product by close of play today’. I immediately had two questions for him ‘Will the noose made of barbed wire the size of your neck makeup for a loop’ and ‘Close of Play…dammnn…I seemed to have missed some communication…so… Are we playing some game today?’ – again I somehow felt I had missed a point and refrained from questioning him.

Bosses have a strange way of dealing with their sub-ordinates. Meetings for me are time well-spent – sleeping! The other day, during one such meeting involving lot of technical details, where I was heavily into my afternoon siesta – hearing terms like WSDL, integration, interface communication, RTM, ODS etc etc of which I had no clue of, my boss interrupts the meeting and asks me ‘So, Kiran, what do you think about the game-changer here? Do you think we can win the game with this alternative?!’ For a moment, I wondered if I missed most part of a India-Pakistan cricket match. However, auto-control took over and I replied ‘Honestly, unless this WSDL works with RTM and ODS efficiently and we are able to provide more bang-for-the-buck for the business – I think we are merely wasting time discussing alternatives’. My boss said ‘That’s an interesting point’. Ah! My moral teacher always used to teach ‘Honesty is the best policy’ – and following it today has lead to fruitful results….muahahahhaha!!!

Jargons fly during office hours and it is frustrating if you are continuously barraged with it. The other day – after a long presentation which involved me scribbling a lot on the whiteboard, my boss asks me ‘So, say we start on a clean slate – What then would be the implications of this change?’ Whatttt??? What did he think I was doing on the whiteboard? Doodling!! I guess after the clean slate is filled to every inch – he might ask ‘How about trying the blue sky approach?!’  He goes on to say ‘So are we on the same page now?’ – I mean what?!! No dude, we are not – actually, we are just on different planets!

Another meeting – and as interested I am in such meetings (heavy slumber that is), I ask a harmless question ‘Don’t you think we need an audittrail for such an application?’ and my technical colleague shoots back ‘Why don’t I touchbase with you offline on this?’. I shot back to him on Gtalk (yes, we were chatting parallely too!) Dudeee…you are not touching my base ONLINE or OFFLINE.’ Last heard, he was heavily reprimanded by his boss for laughter in a very serious meeting 😉

But this one takes the cake. Happened quite a while ago when one of the Vice-Presidents in my previous company heard my presentation – At the end of the presentation he asked me ‘So, kiran – are we maximizing synergies here? I want you to run up some numbers on this because as an organization we are switching gears which might result in a paradigm shift in the way we work. Also, we might create some payroll orphans due to this. After you send me the results of the analysis, let me bounce off this idea with my superior – we’ll just raise the flag up the flagpole to see which way the wind blows it! What do you think?’

I just mumbled Sure, will do. But to understand the fuzzy language of this above statement took me two full days – breaking every phrase, every word in the phrase, analyzing it, losing sleep over it and in the end understanding it as ‘Can we generate profit out of this idea? We run a risk of firing some people due to this. Let me check with my superior about the validity’ Ufff…what a way with jargon!!

Next time I met him, I told him ‘Anil, I feel we need to think out of the box for such a problem – keeping other things on radar along with this. Currently, my plate is full but given sufficient time I can ramp up and will have sufficient bandwidth to deal with the proposed solution’. He smiled smugly (a satisfaction of seeing your own reflection in others) and said ‘Good job. I appreciate your thought process and way of communication – Keep it up’. Saying this, he tapped me on my shoulder. I was anointed into the ‘Jargonian’ league.

A Gtalk conversation!

A conversation went on like this in the Gtalk multiverse –

He: Hello madam! Kaise ho??!!

She: Am doing good! How are you!

He: Am doing good too!! An open question I just read somewhere – what do you think you are?

She: I am unique, I am an oxymoron!

He: Pretty ugly, eh?!

She: As always Evil!! Damnn..anyways..

He: 🙂 so, now to the boring question…what did ya do over the weekend?

She: My cousin T had come. Along with K, we went for shopping!

He: T? K? No names?

She: No, we just call them T and K!

He: Oh!! Alphabet it is then…so what do they call your 27th cousin? AA? 🙂

She: You know you are good at this stuff, don’t you?

He: Do I? Have no clue what stuff you are talking about! 😉

He: Aaj kal feminists ke baat bahut chal rahi hai na?

She: Ha! so..what’s the problem?

He: I am not able to understand what their problem actually is!

She: They say, You men!! How dare you call us weaker sex?

He: Any problem with that?

She: Why weak? Just look at Xena, The warrior princess or Carly Fiorina!

He: Yup! I agree…even look at Naomi Campbell…wonder why they call you the fairer sex too!

She: Tangency seems like your forte! You men…you are just dogs!!

He: I’ll take that as a bitch’s perspective and agree!

She: Evil again!

She: You want a hot girlfriend but a shy, homely girl as a wife!!!

He: The first one is definitely welcome anytime 🙂

She: You are shameless!

He: Let’s not talk about in-born characteristics. Aur ye ‘shy’ wife dandorra sunn chuka hu pehle. I don’t think that would make for an interesting pillow talk! 😉

She: Haha! Sometimes, honesty does charm women! 😉

He: What do you think I was tryin to do?

She: You are an absolutely incorrigible flirt!

He: Flirtin!??! I am only trying to interact on a positive basis.

She: ya, ya, ya!!

She: ‘Marriage is the last chance for anyone to grow up’ – What do you think of this quote?

He: I think, the very fact that you got married indicates that you have not grown up :).

She: Very silly!

He: C’mon, ur conscience chilla chilla kar kehraha hai ki mera stmt correct hai 😀

She: No, it is not!

He: I really cant help if you forcibly dabao ur conscience:)

She: ya, ya!!

He: Besides, who cares after your marriage whether you have grown up or not except for your poor hubby/wife anyways 🙂

She: haha…very true! But that is besides the point!!!

She: You know what, ‘disappointing’ is your middle name!

He: Oh! I thought you patented it!

She: That was quick…even if I patent, you are using it!

He: I followed in your steps!

She: Will you follow anyone and everyone like this?

He: I have always been a follower of pretty girls 😉

She: Uh! I have run out of synonyms for Incorrigible.

He: haha! Anyways…chalo then, let me catch up with ya later

She: yup, sure! Always fun talking to you

He: The pleasure is all mine lady!

It indeed has been a pleasure knowing you lady! Can’t believe that this whole conversation happened in what, 10 minutes!! :)! It definitely takes two to tango 😉 🙂

Rational vs Rationalizing!

Haven’t we heard the statement – Man is a Rational animal – a million times before. Of the many types of animal he is – emotional, social etc., the ‘Rational’ argument is the most widely accepted one and probably the most effective one to put forth in this irrational chaotic world. The argument helps and is rather comforting to one and all – atleast something in the world is orderly. And, therein lies the catch. I would like to argue on a slightly different platform – I would say that ‘Man is a Rationalizing animal’ rather than just Rational. What is the difference, you are just playing with words?, you might ask/say. I would only say – A lot.

‘Being Rational’ is to act upon reason or understanding. Rational explanation or rational behavior is an act where the explanation/behavior is based on hard facts, which do not change according to the whims and fancy of the ‘Rational’ person. Rationalization, on the other hand involves twisting and distortion of facts and reasoning to suit your own purposes (in the objective world, this is called cheating) – and this, dear readers is not the behavior of a ‘Rational animal’. To quote Oscar Wilde here, “Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason!” You may ask or rather condemn me by saying – how dare you call me a cheater? I have never distorted facts in my life? Hmm, we all have. Let me explain – the rational way – cold, hard facts.

First things first, let me get the ‘mother of all rationalizing statements’ done with – ‘Whatever has happened has happened for the best!’ I guess, we have all heard this statement 100s of times over and again. As I say, no ‘rationalizing’ statement gets bigger than this. Then, what is rational behavior? In much simpler terms, in terms we understand probably the best – money. If I have lost Rs. 100 in a bet and I find Rs. 50 on the way back on the road – the ‘rational’ way to look at it is ‘I have lost Rs. 100 and I have gained Rs. 50’ and not the rationalizing behavior of ‘Ahh! it’s ok – I have just lost Rs. 50 today’! Seems a simplistic example?! Hmm…let me get into reality.

1) Education – Most of us have gone/are going through this phase of life. Let us for example assume (and in most cases, it is true) that you have not been able to get through a competitive exam successfully (EAMCET, IIT, CAT, GMAT etc etc.). You might not have got a rank, a score which doesn’t get you a seat in the college you desired or a percentile which is just marginally short of qualification. (already nostalgic? 🙂 ) The point here is this – what happens after this? Life just moves on – and probably your thought process also moves on to ‘mother of all rationalizing statements’ again!!. And why are we not able to accept the ‘rational’ argument in this case? – simply because you just can’t think that you have failed! Period.

2) Career/Job – How about the coveted job you were looking out for? How about the salary you were aiming at? How about the promotion last year? What happened to your thought process when you got one of these and didn’t get one of them? I’ll tell you what happened to my thought process – My Success was defined by reason, hard facts for everyone to consider and ponder. Failure was marketed as ‘It happens you know. Life just doesn’t stop here, does it? Anyways, whatever happens, happens for the best’. Getting my line of argument? Another example…

3) Marriage – Oh boyy!! Volatile topic to handle – but essential reality of life. Not yet having experienced this phase of life – I cannot comment authoritatively. Yet, I quote an example – an example I heard very recently from two different friends of mine (girls!!!) on the same day (talk of luck! – or the lack of it 🙂 )

– The friend who had an arranged marriage – You know what kiran! I would recomment arranged marriage to everyone. Love marriage involves so many baggages – uff, who would wanna take them along for the rest of their lives. Arranged marriage doesn’t have all these tensions. You just start off afresh!
– The friend who had a love marriage – You know what kiran! You gotta have a love marriage to experience what the feeling is like. You don’t have this tension of blending in with the other person, the usual tensions – he knows you well and you know him well – all other stuff is just manageable.

Let me not ‘rationalize’ my luck in saying that I got two new perspectives of life! Anyways, the point here was that neither of them knew how the other type of marriage was like – and their opinions were biased – rationalization again. (And don’t get me into the argument of ‘ohh…we had a love-arranged marriage’, ‘you know what, we had an arranged marriage but seemed like we were in love for the past two lives!’ Please!! It’s either a love marriage or an arranged marriage!! This rationalization of a combo for feeling better for yourself is plain mediocrity – and for further reference on my opinion on mediocrity, consult my previous blog!)

I can probably go on and on to quote multiple examples from different phases of life – probably restricted only by space. In most cases, rationalization happens when there is a failure. Naturally, the next question would be – ‘Is rationalization bad?’, ‘I am being happy rationalizing things! so, what’s the problem?’. No problem at all. And frankly, I have rationalized quite a bit in my life too. However, I realised over a period of time that when you start rationalizing, you start denying a part of your past – a past that was yours that you don’t want to be reminded of – you want to remember the past as you want to see it (my earlier argument of distorting facts!) and not what it actually was – if I may use the word, trivializing your past – in effect, trivializing yourself. Apart from this, I also see some malign side-effects of rationalization – ‘It feels good, so I want more’ , ‘Everyone is doing it, so it must be OK’, ‘I have to be consistent with my earlier taken stand’, and ‘If I said yes to x, then saying yes to 1.01 x is no big deal’ – sometimes leading to dangerous consequences.

So, is man a rational animal? I would quote one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Bertrand Russell when he said “It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this!”. I rest my case.

P.S –

1) Wherever I have said Man, it also implies a Woman (more so! in fact 😛 ) (what with lot of feminist bloggers around, you never know! 😉 )

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