– Why does everyone nowadays think that he/she is a born photographer? Everybody’s hobby/passion/expertise seems to be photography. Is it because of the pervasiveness and cost-effectiveness of the digital camera or something else? I am tired of looking through hordes of poor digital photographs – seemingly thought of by my photographer friends/acquaintances as ‘some of their better pics’!!! Is it because people force themselves to be recognised/appreciated through this skill (did I say skill??) – something they can showcase to the world because they cannot/don’t have the courage to showcase themselves?? Why doesn’t someone ban these digital cameras to avoid all this trouble?? [Probability says that if you have clicked a 1000 pics, then atleast 5 pics would be ‘better pics’. So please people, don’t get under the impression that you are the next big thing in photography. And yes, if you have done courses in photography, please keep them to yourselves – DO NOT try to impress them or your
photographs upon me]

– Why does every tamilian’s sentence have to end with a ‘da’ or ‘ye’ or a ‘macchii’?? Tamil is such a beautiful language, kindly use its vocabulary people!!

– Why do some people always live in the past? Is it because they are too scared to face/live in the present or do they take pride/pleasure living in the past?

– People nowadays take extreme pleasure in exhibiting self-centric/egotist behavior and they are proud of it. Never can understand why – to quote Albert Einstein ‘A life directed chiefly toward the fulfillment of personal desires will sooner or later always lead to bitter disappointment’. The same population exhibiting such behavior know about this and yet continue to do the same – ????

– What is this fascination for Rajni’s style or Hritik’s biceps, Vidya Balan’s eyes or Katrina’s smile?? Appreciating perfection – I do not think so! Idolism – No way. Why??

– Expecting people to talk to you and shower affection when you want it and not returning the favor when people are in need of it – what should I call this behavior? Nonsensical, to say the least.

– Can someone convince of the necessity for daylight savings time? No one seems to be able give me a logical answer.

– The whole world cannot laugh/cry with you when you want to laugh/cry. Blaming the world being insensitive because it doesn’t empathise with you/understand you is stupidity if not foolish.

– Last but not the least, kindly do not expect me to comment on how smart/pretty/handsome/beautiful you are looking whenever you change the orkut profile pic!! Please don’t – if the pic can be commented on, I will – good, bad or the ugly!!!


4 comments so far

  1. Spruha Gudapati on

    kekkekkiran…sit back,relax and…take it with a pinch of salt !

  2. Srinivas on

    Expecting people to talk to you and shower affection when you want it and not returning the favor when people are in need of it – what should I call this behavior? Nonsensical, to say the least.

    Umm. One for me! Gotta learn some lessons of life still.
    Maam, motthaniki reply cheyyakuudadani decide ayipoyaavannamaata! vaake.
    (my word for ‘it’s O.K.’. Shanthu’s too!)

    Looks like your digicam isnt exactly getting rest these days.. at hands not much ‘skilled’ in that art 😉
    Got the photography scene of ‘jagadekaveerudu – Ati. sundari’ to mind. Nice thoughts.

    sare kaani eevaagu barthaayidiri.. swalpa keli saar. naanu room neat maadbeku. athava neevu moorcha hogiddaare. aa mele nimma ishta. 🙂

  3. Procrastinx on

    Hmmm quite a spillout. Well i dont have answers to all of them , but i can explain the daylight savings time. Its basically an adjustment so that the clock is in sync with the sunrise-sunset and people work during the day and sleep during the night (and this is for sane people not for nerds and geeks who do the opposite). Imagine getting up at 8 AM and still find that its pretty dark out there but you have to go to work because it 8 AM according to the clock.

  4. Srinivas on

    Maams, whazup! waiding for ya!
    moi wanting new post dude!!

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