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How often do you come across something accidentally, a book or a piece of paper you had totally forgotten about, a long lost friend whom you can recognise by face but can’t recollect his/her name, a childhood photograph which you never really cared to have a serious look then or the little dress you had worn when you were born – and makes you totally happy no matter which situation/mood you are in!!

Two days back, something very similar happened to me. I was in the most irritable mood possible, a situation wherein I had no patience to deal with anything or anyone. I was just plain fussy, for reasons unknown. In such a desperate situation, I was looking for something in my suitcase and as usual, when you are looking for something desperately, it usually eludes you. However, accidentally, I did stumble across the scrap book of my MBA(nothing very flashy, a very small and a plain spiral pad) – filled in prominently by many of my seniors I admire and respect. The ‘Lines for Me’ section is the best of them all. One from my wing leader(he has been inspirational in everyway) said – ‘Know Goal, Reach Goal’. A simple, four-worded statement, but then it hit me like a bullet considering the situation I was in. Another one said, ‘Good, Better, Best – Never let it rest. Till the Good becomes Better and Better the Best’. A lovely line, striving for perfection all the time. Another one said ‘ Live and Let Live’ – I should say, pretty good view of life ;). ‘Be HONEST with…yourself atleast’, ‘Be the way you are, that will take you places’ – some of them written in jest, some of them written with a heavy heart but all of them having a profound influence. I would be extremely delighted to get back to those days – but then as one of my senior wrote ‘We meet to create memories, we part to cherish them’. A true ending to what was one of my best phases in my life – and back to the present, the irritable situation just vanished(as mysteriously as it had come about) by just reliving those memories!!

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