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Play to Play OR Play to Win??

Interesting proposition! I was conversing with one of my friends yesterday and the conversation veered towards whether we have to Play to Play or Play to Win! This topic set me thinking for quite some time for the simple reason that it is contradictory and yet convincing.

To begin with, in any game, everyone is not a pro – each one of us has a learning phase and then you mature at how the game is played. To bring in the argument at this juncture, Playing to play the game – I believe, we will never learn. Only when you have the desire to win the game, however small the desire, only then something can be learnt. I did hear some of them say, ‘I just play for playing sake’. Well, I don’t believe it. If you are in the game, you are always trying to win it – that is when the adrenaline can flow, that is when you get the kind of excitement in learning the game. Playing to play will evoke no interest to participate in the game. I can say with my own personal experience, when I play to play – the result is often disastrous, losing is just the start – your opponent would lose any further interest to play with you.

Looking at the larger issue of life(as a game itself), I believe you need to play to win everyday. You win some, you lose some – but at the end of the day, you learn. Learning is the key to any aspect of life. When you play just to play everyday, you drift along in life, eventually getting monotonous. Life is a challenge, tackle it – the only way to do it is to be prepared all the time, to develop the instinct to win all the time. Life is a dream, realise it – dreams into reality will require courage and a willingness to challenge, action on it and win it.

However, there is one subtle issue to be looked at here. Not getting too philosophical, disappointment is bound to follow if after putting all the efforts you dont get to win. It is, but natural. But it depends on your character as to whether you allow the disappointment to get better of you or you take that disappointment as a stepping stone to a new level of learning and experience. Once again, when you play to play – there is bound to be little disappointment, and a lost chance of inculcating a new experience, a learning chance gone a begging.


Time and with it Confusion!!

People just don’t seem to have the time for anything nowadays. They don’t have time to spend with their family, friends, with their books, sleep nor work. One such case is an excuse of not finding enough time to BLOG. Wonder how? or rather why? Am amused that I don’t even have time to answer that question.

The question remains – what do I do with my time? I have no idea. Maybe fulfill some of my needs – talking to people, trying to work and thereby earn some money and worse still, idle around. It’s been kind of funny over the past month – tried to do many things in too short a time and ended up doing none. Or maybe I did, but not to my satisfaction!! Wonder why this question pops up time and again – Is time too short or is your need too insatiable??

I can already hear people reading this piece talk about managing your time well, how effectively would a planner work, books on managing time etc. Effectively what remains is whether you are spending your time in the way YOU want to or are you trying to fit in what people want YOU to do in the 24 hrs possible? Difficult question to answer – Needs and wants have to be satisfied through all the things people want YOU to do and We generally get under the false notion(or is it hope) that what they want US to do is what we actually want to do! Confusing – yeah, same here 🙂

There are moments where time just seems to fly by and you have enjoyed every moment of it. I want those moments to repeat – maybe many times over, just because of the fact that I did what I wanted to do. There are other times where time drags on forever – reason, people want me to do it and I have no choice about it. People talk about doing what their heart tells them to do, and listen to noone – they say. ‘You got to spend your time the way you want to all the time’ is a common comment. Nice to hear, I say – but how many of us have the choice? Everyone has their own constraints, own beliefs and own ways of dealing with the world. Even to do what we want to do, we need to know what we want to do! How many of us really know what we actually want to do or what we are really capable of? I am not, I have certainly thought about it but could not arrive at any concrete answer. I am certainly not living the way I want to all the time – for the simple reason that my time moves like a sinusoidal wave, sometimes fleeting and sometimes dragging like a snail. I am confused (and am sure you are too 🙂 ). Any Answers??

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