So very often, what we do or how we do a particular job depends on what mood we are in. More often than not, how we perform depends less on ability and more on the mood in which we are in. Some people have violent mood swings, while some have fleeting. But one feature that is common across humanity is mood and its swings.

How frequently have we come across people who act rude although they had no intention of being rude? Accidental rudeness happens alarmingly often (courtesy:Dumbledore), which brings us to the fact that people generally associate mood swings with negative qualities like anger, irritation, sulking etc. Have we ever done a reality check as to whether our mood swings can be associated with positive emotions like happiness, laughter etc; For what is a mood but a function of the perspective you see/feel a situation in!!

The most vivid example of ‘mood behavior’ affecting the economy is the Stock market, where it is essentially called ‘Investor sentiment’. Although this sort of mood is non-distinguishable as it cannot be attributed to a particular person/entity, its ‘Mood’ decides as to who will be in a happy mood(made profits) and who will be sad(made losses). Marketing departments across companies work overtime to manipulate moods of people-good or bad to buy a product(and the moods cost them billions!!). The most important facet of moods is ‘Boss Management’, where the answer to what you ask depends less on ‘what’ you ask but entirely on ‘when’ aspect(and I am sure most of us faced it-whether its a boss in a company or a teacher in school).

Mood is a very important aspect of human behavior. There could be a difference in the degree but never the absence of it. People vacillate between extreme performances due to ‘mood swings’. Hence Management by Moods, I feel is going to be as important and on par with other management theories like Management by Objectives, Management by Walking Around etc.

(For my regular readership, another important ‘M’ affecting everyone’s lives :-))


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  1. Anonymous on

    I agree completely dear…it really matters what mood we are in and what are we talkin then…sometimes u say a thing wen looked from ur perspective is totally justified, but the person who is at the receiving end gets a different picture(quite opposite of wat we had thot :-)) ruinin quite a lot of things…so it bcomes imp to actually THINK THRICE before talkin,when we arent in a good mood :-)) Urs truly — Divi 🙂

  2. Anonymous on

    Disappointed with your blog on moods but i really loved your blog on the power of context…… simple yet profound…. i know you are a professional and will take the feed back sportively and will come up with some exciting stuff in the near future….. Satish

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