Advertising Adversity!

Hurrah! Tests are over and I am going to slog sleep today…haven’t had a good night sleep for the past week. That aside, as promised the article on advertising is up on the blog…Enjoy it and don’t forget, comments are always welcome!

“Freedom without opportunity is a devil’s gift and the refusal to provide such opportunities is criminal” – Anonymous.

I beg to differ with the above statement if it concerns advertising of today. Just take a look at these figures and you will know why. Basic education for all in this world would cost $ 6 billion, while the expenses on cosmetics in the US cost $ 8 billion. Water and sanitation costs for the world would come to around $ 9 billion while ice-cream costs in Europe costs $ 11 billion. Basic health and nutrition for all would cost $13 billion while expenses on pet foods in US and Europe cost $17 billion.

Hankering ‘after more’ has left the society in a constant state of chasing a mirage! In US, a sixth of its total GDP is spent on marketing and advertising. Most of it is tax-exempted – which implies that people pay for the privilege of being subjected to manipulation of their attitudes and behavior. To support the advertisers are the various laws of economics. One such law is the Law of diminishing Marginal utility – which states that the satisfaction you would derive out of using a product would diminish over time or repeated usage. Advertisers are known (or meant) to accelerate the pace of this law. This essentially means that you get satisfaction only for a short period of time. For example, you buy a Skoda Octavia. The utility you derive is only for a period of time. In a short time, you will come across another ad regarding the advanced version of Skoda Octavia – Skoda Octavia SX. Then, you will feel dissatisfied at your car and would aspire to buy a new car. A satisfied man is an advertiser’s nightmare – but you can rarely find a satisfied man in a capitalistic society and hence you can understand why ad agency revenues run into millions. The ideology of capitalism makes us all into connoisseurs of liberty – of the indefinite expansion of possibilities, but have we taken it too far.

The world’s headlong rush towards crass commercialism, meretricious materialism and mindless consumerism can only be stopped by a tsunamic effort. What will allow us to unleash our venom at the sheer fluff of empty-headed hedonism that consumerism creates?

I conclude with the hope that atleast India’s cultural a.ka. advertising producers will preserve their tactical gift of revelation-by-surprise, eluding both commodifiers and the regimenters, the color-blind ecclesiarchs and the color-drunk publicists.

—the article ends here.

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2 comments so far

  1. Manasa on

    Will start directly with the comments…
    Firstly, I think u have evolved quite a bit from the last article. That was an interesting article but I think this was more lucid and interesting.
    The article surely had some touch or rather feel of ET. Personally, when one cites figures the reader cannot choose to ignore even if they want to. Beautifully put.
    You have indeed brought up something that tends to go unnoticed, but what is it that one can do to avoid it in such a commercial and materialistic era?
    I would be interested to know your ways of being or trying to be the ” a satisfied man”.

    All said and done…. the wait was worth it. 🙂

  2. Anonymous on

    message evolving very clearly,very well put n poignant.

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